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Foot Reflexology

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Our philosophy is one of balance—balance between the traditional and the modern and between nature and city. To enter Chelsea Wellness is to be embraced by wood, water, and stone—much of it with a storied past—and our treatments are rooted in the same simplicity and reverence for nature.

Body Work

10 Minutes: $15 ($12 cash)
20 Minutes: $25 ($20 cash)
30 Minutes: $35 ($30 cash)
45 Minutes: $50 ($45 cash)
60 Minutes: $55 ($50 cash)
90 Minutes: $85 ($80 cash)

Aromatherapy Massage
60min: $100 ($95 cash)

Chelsea Signature Massage
(incl. Hot Stone & Facial)
90min: $90 ($85 cash)

Foot Reflexology

10 Minutes
$15 ($10 cash)

20 Minutes
$22 ($20 cash)

30 Minutes
$32 ($30 cash)

60 Minutes
$45 ($40 cash)


Foot 30min + Back 30min
$55 ($50 cash)

Foot 60min + Back 30min
$80 ($70 cash)

Foot 30min + Back 60min
$85 ($80 cash)

About Chelsea Wellness

Find tranquility and relaxation with massage…

Indulge in a rejuvenating massage experience at our exclusive spa in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. Our massage therapists excel in customizing sessions to suit your individual needs, ensuring a tailored and blissful escape. Dedicated to upholding impeccable cleanliness and sanitation standards, we provide a serene environment for your well-being. Elevate your senses with a transformative massage that goes beyond the ordinary, leaving you thoroughly relaxed and invigorated. Book your appointment now to experience the finest massages in the heart of Chelsea.

Chelsea Wellness

The Benefits of Massage

✅ Massage can decrease your stress and anxiety

✅ Massage can improve your circulation

✅ Massage can reduce muscle pain and soreness

✅ Massage can improve your mental function

✅ Massage can help you sleep better

✅ And more…

Customer Reviews

What our customers say about us

“A wonderful spa with top-notch service. The massages are absolutely rejuvenating.”

Jacob K

“My favorite spa in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. The ambiance and treatments are first-class.”

Jenny S.

“Exceptional service in a serene setting. Always a delightful experience.”

Paul G.

“I highly recommend Chelsea Wellness for anyone looking for quality relaxation time.”

Maribel M.

Our Environment

At Chelsea Wellness, we take a holistic approach to the body and wellness that starts from the moment you walk through the door.